About International Fashion Week®

International Fashion Week ® presents global brands and upcoming designers with multiple virtual platforms to showcase new fashion brands.

August Designer Shows for 2023

International Fashion Week ® produce live shows & industry showrooms as well as a virtual showroom year-round, events will be held in Los Angeles or Las Vegas bringing in global brands to present their collections inside a platform that offers multiple media and press traffic as well as interested buyers who visit multiple fashion cities in the USA. Designers will be promoted during the largest Apparel convention several weeks prior to the event dates and will be included in the virtual showroom platform.

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NYC Showrooms for 2022

The NYC Showroom platform is operated by the International Fashion House in NYC downtown Manhattan and offers qualified designers and brands the exposure in NYC during larger events and fashion weeks that happen in the Big Apple. Int’l Fashion House creates a very intimate setting for designers to presents their newest fashion collections in front of invited guests this is by invitation only not open to the general public.

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