International Model Competition


Runway Model Registration Form  Accepting applications CURRENTLY FOR LOS ANGELES | MIAMI  | NYC | LAS VEGAS |

hips- waist- bust- inseam- shoe size
Please provide your instagram link and your facebook link
We offer special rates for models who are part of fashion week, we will provide you more information if interested
IRMS offers 3 categories for Models M/F to compete in at the LIVE Competitions: Fitness | Plus Size | Runway | The Social media model challenges run every 3 weeks to offer models a chance to promote themselves and cross branding to occur IRMS offers special incentives for each social media challenge/ Models are required to be enrolled in order to participate in this LIVE SEMI FINAL EVENT IN LAS VEGAS - ENROLLMENT FEE IS 500.00 AND WILL COVER 2 NIGHTS HOTEL GOOD LUCK REGISTER TO RECEIVED MORE INFO
Do you have your images ready for us? You will need a head shot, full body shot and a Swimwear image-After we receive your registration we will reply and send you a link to submit your images to us once your registration is submitted you will get an email from our model competition casting director Rose Blain who will provide you the official enrollment link to secure your spot for either the LA or the Las Vegas event thank you .