Agrevancia by Andrea Olguin

Colliding two contradicting elements and forming one unique concept in complete unity is the essence of Agrevancia. In Spanish, the words “elegancia agresiva” mean aggressive elegance (which is how I describe my style), thus the infusion of words to create the brand name itself. With my studio being based in the city of Ensenada,B.C., Mexico, I strive to introduce elegant alternative wear for anyone who dares to express their true self and slip on something unusual. I am proud to present Agrevancia. Ever since I was a child, fashion has emerged in my dreams and creations but it wasn´t until my years of adolescence when I decided I wanted to become what manifested in my imagination. The reason why actually lacks vision. I just wanted to make my own clothes because nothing I found in stores truly brought personal satisfaction. Now I have greater reasons why I persist in this career… love of creation, art, innovation, expression, voice, “mindplay” and I just enjoy feeling like myself and letting people see who I truly am. I believe that clothing is a powerful tool which allows people to figure themselves out by letting them feel like themselves. I design for myself and those who seek the same release and self-acceptance that can be achieved through an amazing and uncommon style.


Collection name and short description:  SHOP NEEDLE

A combination of pastel colors and surgical details that will reveal your deepest desires.